Phone Box Time Machine Letterpress Card - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

$ 2.00 $ 4.50

This listing is for a single letterpress card featuring the Phone Box Time Machine from the 1989 movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inches
Paper: Bright white 100lb card stock
Envelopes: Red
Printing: Letterpress
Ink colours: Red
Inside: Blank
Packaging: Clear protective sleeve

The Story
There have been many TV shows and movies featuring time machines because let's face it we all want our very own time machine! I choose some of the most iconic time machines to create designs of, and while there are others I may have to add later for now the series includes; the TARDIS from the long running Doctor Who show, the modified DeLorean from Back to the Future, the Phone Box used by Bill and Ted in their excellent travels, and the Time Machine from the movie The Time Machine based on the book by H G Wells (this also featured in an episode of the Big Bang Theory).

These are perfect for all occasions from birthday greetings to party invitations and from quick thank you notes to long letters.

Cards are printed from magnesium plates on 100lb Pop Tone card stock made by The French Paper Company, one of the last small independently run paper mills in America. French Paper produces many wonderful papers and is extremely environmentally friendly, which makes us happy.

This card is also available in a set of 4 with the other Time Machine Designs, the Tardis, DeLorean, and H G Wells Time Machine; and the designs are available on coasters too.

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