Mini Book Necklace - Hand Bound Recycled Leather Mini Book

$ 25.00

This is a mini book necklace made from brown recycled leather on a silver chain, although it's small it can still be used to write or draw tiny notes.

Size: approx 1.25 x 1 inches
Cover: Recycled brown suede with matching wrap around tie
Paper: Medium thickness white paper
Binding: Decorative long stitch binding with olive green linen thread
Chain: 18 inch sterling silver

The Story
Like my bigger books my mini book necklaces are all hand bound using traditional bookbinding processes and while the fastenings can be fiddly, because they are so small, they can be opened and used to write short stories and secret notes to a loved one or to sketch tiny images.

Long stitch binding involves sewing directly through the cover material and is an ancient bookbinding method dating back to the 2nd-3rd centuries and used frequently in medieval times through to the 16th century as a structure for stationery bindings, student books, and almanacs.

It is a simple and robust structure with infinite variations available for the patterns of the sewing, types of covers, and ways in which to add embellishments or closures. The pages lie flat when open making it easy to use for writing or drawing.

In this book, the cover and pages are usually cut offs left over from my larger books which I hate to waste. In addition, much of the leather is recycled so any irregularities in the leather are part of its past life and should not be considered as defects but as qualities that make this book one of a kind.
This is a one of a kind book but I may have other similar items so check out the other listings in the bindery section or contact me via a convo and I’ll work with you to put together a custom order.

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