Doctor Who Tardis Letterpress Card

$ 6.00

A letterpress printed card featuring the TARDIS, an innocuous looking police box, time machine, and space ship all rolled into one. The Tardis is of course from Doctor Who, a perfectly British show, it's funny, exciting, more often than not completely ridiculous, it has aliens, monsters, robots and time travel - what more could you possibly need? Maybe a bowtie? and a fez? This card is great for Doctor Who fans birthdays, wishing someone a good trip, writing to friend about your time traveling adventures, or to say thank for all those rides to work.

Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inch folded card
Paper: thick 100% cotton white card stock
Printing: letterpress
Ink colours: blue
Envelope: light blue
Inside: blank
Packaging: clear protective sleeve

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