CMYK Wildflowers Letterpress Print - 6" x 6"

$ 18.00

A letterpress print in CMYK colours of three popular wildflowers.

Size: 6" x 6"
Paper: 100% cotton paper
Printing: letterpress (flowers from magnesium plates and text from handset metal type)
Ink colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
Edition size: 50 (hand signed and numbered)
Packaging: clear protective sleeve with backer board to prevent bending during shipping

These were originally printed for a print exchange with a CMYK theme but I thought it would be fun to make extras to share with the world, still only a total of 50 exist! The final photos show the addition of each colour just to give a little peak into the process.

Also check out the larger 12"x18" wildflower print.

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