Drink Good Beer Letterpress and Watercolour Print - 5" x 7"

$ 3.00 $ 10.00

A letterpress print for beer lovers that will look great in any room and makes a great gift for home brewer's, beer aficionados, and great friends alike.

This limited variable edition 5"x7" print features a beer glass and the words, "Drink Good Beer" letterpress printed in black ink. The beer itself is hand painted with watercolours in a variety of beer colours and, as if you need another excuse, the paper is made with genuine brewer’s spent grain!

Size: 5 1/8 x 7 inches (should fit a 5 x 7 inch frame, frame is not included)
Paper: 92lb Gmund Bier Paper, with genuine brewer’s spent grain
Printing: Letterpress
Ink colours: Black
Watercolour: Yellow, Red, and Brown (varying shades)
Back: Signed and numbered
Packaging: Clear protective sleeve with chipboard to prevent bending

This was letterpress printed in an edition of 48, then split into three groups for before adding the watercolour beer so you can pick your favorite shade:
#1-16 - yellow (this is your pale ales, lagers, and wheat beers)
#17-32 - red (ambers, red ales, or maybe a raspberry lambic)
#33-48 - brown (representing all the brown ales, porters, and bocks).

You choose your favorite from the three colour groups, and your print will be randomly selected from that group. Please note that there are variations in lightness/darkness within the groups (shown in photos 3-5). Also due to the nature of the hand printing and hand painting process, registration, ink pressure, and colour vary a little between each print, these variations should be embraced as part of the handmade quality.

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