Totoro Letterpress Coasters - Set of 4

$ 11.00

Cute and adorable Totoro inspired coasters. A set of 4 consisting of one of each of the following designs: Grey Totoro, Catbus, Soot Sprites, and Blue and White Totoro.

Size: 4 x 4 inches
Material: White heavy weight coaster stock
Printing: Letterpress
Ink colours: Grey, Orange, Black, and Blue
Packaging: Clear plastic bag

My Neighbor Totoro (or Tonari no Totoro) is a wonderful Japanese animated film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki in 1988. Of course, most of the English speaking world is more familiar with the Disney version from 2006 with a new dubbed soundtrack. Either way it is a beautiful film about two sisters and their adventures with the strange creatures they befriend.

These coasters make great gifts for children or adults and are printed on heavy weight coaster stock. Each is 4 inches square with rounded corners, letterpress printed in ink that will not run when it gets wet, and while they are paper and will stain, they stand up well to repeated use.

These designs are also available as cards, see other products in the Totoro Collection.

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