Believe in Yourself Letterpress Card

$ 6.00

A letterpress card to remind your friends and family to believe in themselves because sometimes we all need a little pick me up. Perfect for sending inspiring messages, congratulations, and best wishes.

Size: 4.25 x 5.5 inch folded card
Paper: thick 100% cotton white card stock
Printing: letterpress
Ink colours: bright pink
Envelope:  mint green
Inside: blank
Packaging: clear protective sleeve

The Stymie Statements collection consists of short and sweet statements in bold letters and bright colours. This collection is for those of you who don’t want any frills; you just want to get your message across in the simplest way possible.

Cards are printed from 48pt Stymie metal type, which was designed in 1931 by Morris Fuller Benton and manufactured by the American Type Foundry. Stymie is what is known as a Slab or Square Serif typeface meaning it has thick block-like projections at the tops and bottoms of certain letters. Originally designed to be used for large headlines and advertising materials it is deliberately bold in appearance and is therefore perfect for making simple statements, which is what this collection is all about.

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