Star Wars September 08 2014

Today was a Star Wars day! I'd finished reprinting one of my Star Wars Coaster sets over the weekend so this morning they got packaged up in bags...

...and labels were added so they are ready to ship.

I also printed some new Millennium Falcon cards (there actually printed in a very dark green ink but it's hard to tell from the photo), which was especially appropriate as I'm wearing my Millennium Falcon t-shirt today (from Crawlspace Studios, also here in Denver, in case you're wondering)! 

Han Shot First September 05 2014

The much contested change to the original 1977 Star Wars movie has Greedo shooting at Han Solo and missing (because how could he possibly hit when he's so far away on the other side of the table!) before Solo fires off his own shot killing Greedo (because he's a much better shot!). Of course, the fans voiced their dislike of this strongly, and the phrase "Han shot first" is now as popular as any quote from the movie itself.

So here's my new limited edition print with Han Solo and his blaster silhouetted next to the words "HAN SHOT FIRST" in big bold Stymie Black type. It nicely compliments my Yoda - Do or Do Not Print and I will likely continue this series in the future.