Mini Book Necklaces September 16 2014

I've been making an army of teeny tiny books!

These are fun to make and use up many of the paper and leather cut offs from my bigger books that would otherwise just be discarded, so I like that they prevent me from being wasteful. They are also pretty adorable :-)

 I sell them strung on sterling silver chains as mini book necklaces, you can find some already listed and I'll be adding many more once I find the time to get them photographed. They make great gift as, while they are a little fiddly to open and close, they do function as a regular book so you can write a tiny message or draw little sketches on the pages before gifting it.

When you buy online I package them in a gift bag for shipping to you, and for retail purposes I created a card so they can be displayed on a rack, these are pretty minimal, as in my style, and have some additional info on the back.